Help make your region a healthy and creative food region!

nourish eu is committed to “safe, healthy, affordable and sustainable food” accessible to all. We are working to create Healthy Food Regions by encouraging food SME’s to innovate/orchestrate change the entrepreneurship, development, production and marketing of “healthier food”. We have set three big aims.



Contribute to the establishment and participate in a Healthy Food Partnership which will aim to create a healthy food region


Work with higher and vocational education providers to train owners and employees how to implement greater innovation and creativity for production and distribution of healthy food


Increase the chance of unemployed people to start their own food business or gain employment as a result of the industry based training they receive within a food SME



    By 2016, we commit to:

    Creating Healthy Food Partnership
    Learning more about creative ways to produce, market and distribute healthy food
    Providing industry based employability training placements for young unemployed people

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