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14th October 2015

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The UK strategy “Food 2030” commits to “safe, healthy, affordable and sustainable food” accessible to all.

Excerpt from Foreword  by Gordon Brown:

We face big challenges today which mean we need to think differently about food. We need to produce more food without damaging the natural resources – air, soil, water and marine resources, biodiversity and climate – that we all depend on. We need to feed more people globally, many of whom want or need to eat a better diet. We need to tackle increasing obesity and encourage healthier diets. And we need to do all these things in light of the increasing challenge of climate change and while delivering continuous improvement in food safety.

Everyone has a role to play. That is why this strategy has been developed with, and will be delivered together with, a wide range of partners:

  • Consumers can support healthy and  sustainable food, and can try to throw less food away;
  • Food producers – farmers and fishermen  can reduce the impact they have on the environment, manage natural resources and biodiversity even better, and adapt to a changing climate;
  • Food businesses can strive to be as efficient • as possible in the ways they use energy and transport;
  • Food manufacturers, retailers and caterers can help consumers to eat a healthy, sustainable diet;
  • Government can help to lead the change, bringing people together to act in partnership, through legislation where that is needed, by funding research, and campaigning for change in Europe and internationally.

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